Puppy Wish Granted in Clackamas, OR!

Puppyzona had the pleasure and privilege to help grant another wish with Make-A-Wish Oregon! Every year, Macy’s hosts a Believe campaign with Make-A-Wish, encouraging people to write letters to Santa. For each letter received, Macy’s donates $1 to grant wishes for children battling critical illnesses. As part of the program, we were able to assist with a special in-store wish granting!

Mabel and Jasmine

Mabel is an 11 year-old girl battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Her only wish was to have a four-legged best friend who would would stick by her side. Once Make-A-Wish Oregon knew Mabel wanted a Yorkshire Terrier puppy, they reached out to Puppyzona to help find Mabel’s perfect companion.

After searching for the right puppy, Mabel and her family finally decided on an adorable Yorkie named Jasmine! Once Jasmine received her nose-to-tail vet check, we began to make special travel arrangements for her to get to her new home with a personal Puppyzona Chaperone.

On a beautiful afternoon at the Clackamas Town Center Macy’s in Oregon, Mabel was surprised to meet her new best friend, Jasmine. It was a magical moment wonderfully captured by Monroe Photography. Thank you, Make-A-Wish Oregon for helping us to spread love and cheer this holiday season!

Mabel, Jasmine, and Josh Kreinberg-

Palm Coast Childs Wish Granted

PUPPYZONA is honored to be a part of yet another wish granting! This time, we were able to work with the Central Florida chapter of Make-A-Wish Foundation. We were excited to hear from Make-A-Wish Central Florida, as we were recently able to assist with a Beagle wish for same chapter. Once we heard about Rebekah’s wish for a Toy Poodle puppy, we immediately started on making her wish come true!

Rebekah and Krista the Toy Poodle

Rebekah Walsh is a 10 year old girl living with cystic fibrosis, a hereditary disease that affects the lungs and digestive system. Her wish was to hand select her very own Toy Poodle from a litter of puppies. While she was unable to do so physically, we were able to digitally send her videos of puppies from the same litter to choose from. She was very excited to be able to pick out her new best friend this way!

After spending some time watching videos of cute and fluffy puppies, Rebekah made her final decision of an adorable, apricot female Poodle puppy named Krista! Her family was so excited to be a part of the selection process as well. Once the selection was made, Krista’s breeder worked on getting her nose to tail health check completed and delivered Krista to Florida on his own in an in-cabin flight. Once Krista was in Florida, she was driven to Palm Coast, FL and was hand delivered to the Walsh family by our Public Affairs Coordinator.

Rebekah meets her new best friend

The Walsh family was ecstatic to meet Rebekah’s new best friend, and just in time for the holidays! Rebekah was so happy to meet Krista she did not know what to say, she simply held Krista close to her in silence. Rebekah’s mother, Donna, hopes this puppy wish will teach Rebekah big girl responsibilities as she grows up.

Since Krista has been with the family, she has brought so much joy; not only to the Walsh family, but to their community as well. The Walsh family brings Krista with them to fellowship church meetings; she even attended a community event in which families bring home cooked meals and sit and ate with the homeless. Rebekah and Krista have become inseparable!

Oregon Child’s Wish for a Yorkie Puppy Comes True!

If you follow along on our puppyzona Gives Back journey, you know we absolutely love working with the Make-A-Wish Foundation! When we were contacted by the Oregon chapter about another opportunity to grant a puppy wish, we couldn’t wait to help! 

Samantha the Yorkie

The Make-A-Wish Oregon team reached out about an 11-year-old girl named Ashley who was awaiting a kidney replacement. Ashley has been diagnosed with end-stage renal disease (ESRD); ESRD occurs when chronic kidney disease reaches an advanced state, and the kidneys are no longer able to work as they should to meet the body’s needs.

Ashley’s only wish was for a puppy, and not just any puppy, but a cute, little Yorkie puppy that could jump on her lap and provide endless cuddles and kisses. Well Ashley, your wish is our command! After viewing several adorable Yorkie puppies available, Ashley picked out Samantha- her perfect four-legged companion. 

Samantha with all of her treats and toys!

Ashley’s wish granting was planned as a surprise at a location in Beaverton, OR; however, given Ashley’s risk amid COVID-19, the special delivery was changed to an intimate, socially distant in- home placement. Although the wish was granted in- home, it made for a memorable moment for Ashley and her family!

Thank you, Make-A-Wish Oregon for giving us the opportunity to spread puppy love! Wish granted!

Labradoodle Wish Granted to New Jersey Child

At the beginning of May, we were contacted by Make-A-Wish New Jersey Wish Coordinator Jessica Daniels in regard to an 8-year-old girl living with intractable epilepsy. Her only wish was to have a puppy. Naturally, we jumped in to assist to find a pup to match the child’s wish description!

Teddy the Labradoodle arriving to New Jersey

During the Make-A-Wish approval process, mom sent a whole paragraph to Make-A-Wish as to why her daughter wanted a puppy. Due to her condition, she is non-verbal, thus, communicates in other ways. It will be wonderful for her to have a companion and more responsibly. She will be able to work on motor skills while spending time with her new companion. They are very excited at the thought of a new four-legged family member!  

The family was pretty open in regard to the breed they were looking for. They ultimately narrowed it down to miniature Poodle, miniature Labradoodle, or Boston Terrier. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have turned to four legged companions for emotional support. As a result, there has been an increase in the demand for puppies all across the nation! With that, our puppies available for selection were limited.

Low and behold, Make-A-Wish Coordinator Jessica and our PuppySpot team member came across Teddy the miniature Labradoodle! We sent photos and information over to the family and they immediately fell in love with the child’s soon to be best friend!

Upon Teddy’s arrival, this little girl was visibly overcome with joy and wanted nothing more than to hug our PuppySpot team member who delivered Teddy. Of course, due to safety precautions and social distancing policies we had to settle for smiles and tears of happiness!

Teddy the Labradoodle is setting into his new home and loves the endless hugs and kisses from his new sister! They have been playing nonstop!

Wish Come True for Child with Blood Disorder

If you follow along on our PuppySpot Gives Back journey, you know how much we love working with the various chapters of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. In June, we were contacted by the Make-A-Wish team in Metro New York. They were working with a 13 year old girl named Nicole in Brooklyn, NY wishing for a new four-legged, furry best friend. Of course, we agreed to assist in every way possible to make her wish come true!

Sir Winston (Blue) getting ready to meet Nicole!

Nicole is currently battling a blood disorder and all she wants is a new best friend to stick by her side through all of the ups and downs. She has always wanted her own puppy to take care of and shower with affection. She’s looking forward to taking walks and running around with her new pal. According to her family, Nicole is fully understanding of the care that goes into the grooming and handling of her new puppy. She is super enthusiastic about the breed and has been reading books about how to take care of her puppy. To say Nicole is fully prepared to take care of a puppy would be an understatement.

PuppySpot employee Anielka and Blue ready for Wish day!

Once we found the puppy to match Nicole’s dream wish (a cream colored Toy Poodle), we initiated our process to get Sir Winston home! After receiving his nose to tail vet check and acquiring his first class flight to New York, Sir Winston was ready to meet his new best friend!

One of our wonderful PuppySpot team members had the absolute pleasure of delivering Toy Poodle puppy Sir Winston (now named Blue) to Nicole. Upon arrival, the whole family was overcome with joy and excitement. They were so appreciative of our PuppySpot team member, they even invited her in for food- at a socially acceptable distance of course!

We hope Blue and Nicole spend endless hours together going on walks and becoming best friends! We are touched to be able to help grant her wish.